How Accurate Are Your Online Business Listings?

Don’t drive customers away because of incorrect information. Having the wrong phone number, address or business hours can frustrate customers and have them search elsewhere.

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How it works


Evaluate Your Business

An evaluation of your business combines the key attributes of your current online presence to give you a clearer picture of your place in the digital marketplace, and highlights the areas that demand your attention.


Fix Your Online Listings

A slight discrepancy in your business name, an outdated address, or a wrong digit in your phone number will not only hurt your ranking, it also frustrates your customers. Remember there are over 70 directories that can affect your online presence, so make sure your business information is consistent across the board.


Increase your Local Ranking

The Google Search algorithm wants to ensure that you are worth the recommendation. Polishing your online presence through Local SEO is a powerful and organic way to increase visibility, and pushes you closer to that number one spot.